A New Kind of Déjà Vu

As a kid, I always had an excited and anxious feeling the night before a new school year. I could barely sleep because I couldn’t wait to see what teachers I had, what friends would be in my classes, and ultimately all the adventures that lay ahead of me because of what teachers I had and who was in my classes. I couldn’t wait to get on the school bus and the next day, I’d still have that excited feeling throughout my body. I felt a sense of déjà vu when I experienced that feeling again. This time I wasn’t just starting a new school year. I was going to be starting it in Spain.

Right now, I’m taking classes only with IES, the program I’m studying abroad with.  This is actually my second week of classes.  In Spain, school starts weeks later than in the U.S.  I would love to take a course at the local university, Complutense, but the courses I’m interested in don’t start until October 5th, so I won’t be able to try it out for another couple weeks.  Currently I’m taking a Spanish grammar class, two literature classes, a business class, and an art history class on Spanish architecture. I have these classes with other students in my program but the professors are all local professors from the Complutense university.  All the classes are taught in Spanish and emphasize speaking, which I really appreciate.  I’ve been pretty surprised with my classes.  I’m really enjoying the two classes that I had originally picked as “filler classes” while waiting to try out classes at Complutense: my Spanish for Business class and my Women Writers class.  Still, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take a class at the local university because it would be such an incredible experience.

Over 80,000 students attend the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.  This is way different from the 2,600 student school that I’m used to.  The campus is huge but full of opportunity!  I’m looking forward to hopefully making friends with Spaniards.

Speaking of school, I can’t believe that I’m a junior in college.  I remember when Kelly (one of my best friends) and I ran through the halls of Crestwood screaming, “JUNIORS!” our last day of sophomore year. Now my sister is a junior in high school and I’m a junior in college. People weren’t kidding when they said time goes by fast.  I need to continue taking advantage of this experience because next thing I know, I’ll be back home in the United States telling people about the experiences I’m having now.


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