Spanish Food — My Homestay Experience

The majority of my money has been going to traveling…and to food. My breakfast and lunch get covered by my program and are provided by my host mother. I have to get my own dinner.

I have mentioned that I haven’t experienced any huge culture shock, even with food. Personally, I like the food here and think it’s slightly healthier than the U.S. However, I don’t think it’s that different from what I eat at home, especially since I eat healthy at home. That being said, here are some dishes typical to Spain that I have eaten in my homestay:


Breakfast is usually a choice between cereal, fruit, or magdalenas which are a type of muffin.


Ensaladilla rusa was the first dish I had at my homestay in Spain. It’s made with tuna fish, different vegetables, and lots of mayo. Since la comida is the biggest meal of the day, we usually get meat, bread, and salad with our meal, as well as fruit as dessert.


Macarones is one of my favorite Spanish dishes. It reminds me of ziti. It’s pasta with tomato sauce, cheese, and sometimes has chorizo mixed in.


My host mom will make a lot of soups with mixed vegetables in it. Usually she’ll include potatoes and carrots as well as green beans and other leafy greens.


Paella is probably the dish pretty much everyone has heard of, whether they have visited Spain or not. There are so many variations of this rice dish made with seafood (usually shellfish) or just with vegetables. I actually learned how to make it in a cooking class!

I wish I had more pictures of other foods that I’ve eaten since I’ve gotten here such as arroz a la cubana or tortilla española (my favorite), but here’s a general idea of what I’ve been eating. I really like the food here and hope to be able to come back with new recipes to try at home!


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