Cheap Things to Do in Valencia

I hate spending money. I like to try to save my money as much as possible. I’ve been saving birthday and Christmas money for years to now spend it on my travels throughout Europe. Every time I go on a weekend trip, I look up cheap or free things to do wherever I’m going. This past weekend, I went to Valencia with a friend. We did some sightseeing that was very cheap and sometimes even free! If you’re planning on going to Valencia sometime, here are a few things I did while I was there that you can look into:

(picture originally from

My new favorite store. My friend and I just happened upon it after eating lunch in the Plaza. It has nothing to do with Ale nor cows (I have no idea why there’s a cow statue) but the store is filled with the most cute, cool, and random things at great prices! I found some gifts for family there as well as some neat things for myself. I wonder if there’s one of these in Madrid.


Catedral de Valencia
What’s great about this cathedral is not only it’s beauty but also the fact that you get an audio headset for free in any language you please, so you can learn about the history while exploring the place. While you’re there you can pay a separate but cheap fee to climb the tower, Miguelete. It’s a spiral staircase with more than 207 steps but you get a free workout and lovely view of Valencia.


Torres de Serranos
On Sundays it’s free! If you don’t go on a Sunday, asking for the student discount is nice because you only have to pay 1€ instead of 2€. ALWAYS ask about a student discount anywhere you go. This place has a lovely view of the city and is worth climbing. It’s nowhere near as much of a climb as El Miguelete.


Jardí del Túria and Jardí de Monforte
Both gardens are free and they’re very pretty! Jardí del Túria is a lot bigger but Jardí de Monforte made me feel like I was in a fairytale. I recommend checking out both gardens!


Museu de Belles Arts de València
Free entrance! You can see some of Goya’s work (although the exhibit was closed when I went). If you’re a fan of art then this place is for you!

Mercado al aire libre
I actually have no idea what the name of the market that I went to was nor do I have a photo to offer. My friend and I were going to el Mercado Central and the building wasn’t open. This market was actually in front of the building and all throughout the surrounding streets. It’s a lot like El Rastro in Madrid. Basically a flea market. There are all sorts of cool things to find around there. You just have to look!

If you want to see more things I did in Valencia including trying paella valenciana and going to the beach again, check out the video below!


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