My Last Week in Spain

There are two types of posts I’ve seen surface on Facebook since my program has ended, one type being the “cliché” post about how studying abroad has changed the person’s life, the other kind of post being from people making fun of the cliché posts. However, I would not be speaking honestly about how my experience has affected me if I weren’t being cliché. Everybody has a unique experience when they visit another country, but overall many people come back being able to say similar things, that is where the clichés surface.

My life has indeed been changed. I am a better navigator (but I am still learning), my Spanish has gotten better, I have learned about different cultures and languages other than in Spain, and I have seen so many places that I may have never seen if I had not studied overseas. I have become more independent in ways that I had not anticipated. I can even say I have been to three continents now! It has been my dream for years to travel to another country. Not only have I realized that dream but the best part is that I am only half way done. My next semester in Nantes is approaching quickly and I am excited to see what awaits me there.

Originally I was supposed to go to Belgium for the week but I ended up not being able to go. Instead, I took a day trip to Salamanca and went back to Segovia. Check out my video below!


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