My Problem with European Bathrooms

I just want to start off by saying: This most likely will not happen to you and not all bathrooms are like this. In fact, most aren’t.

There have been multiple instances since I got to Europe back in September where I have gotten locked in bathrooms. No, the problem was not that I did not know what I was doing, but rather that the door got stuck. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to make a fool out of myself. Fortunately, in those situations there was always someone outside the door to help me get out.

This Friday night I went to a church meetup and within the first few minutes of arriving, I went to the bathroom. I didn’t think anything of it, until I couldn’t turn the lock to unlock the door when I was done. I didn’t panic, thinking it was probably my fault. I tried everything from pushing the lock in, pulling it out, twisting it every which way, trying the same thing with the handle on the door but nothing worked. Luckily one of my friends was outside and I was able to tell her I was locked in the bathroom.

I was advised by the people outside of the bathroom to do everything I had tried, still to no avail. Someone else from the church had to unscrew the lock off of the door to let me out. “Don’t panic, I’m here to get you out!” he exclaimed.

“I’m not panicking!” I responded calmly, almost laughing. If worst came to worst, I knew there was a window I could easily climb out of, so I was not panicking at all.

I did end up making it out of the bathroom after the guy had unlocked the door by taking the lock off. See? Nothing to worry about!There’s a first for everything but sometimes there will never be a last.

About a day later, my friends and I went out for lunch in a café and all had to go to the bathroom. We were baffled by sinks with no handles that weren’t working automatically. Were they broken? We thought so for several minutes until one of my friends discovered a peddle under the sink that activated the faucet. I will never understand European bathrooms!


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