What is AirBnB?

If you are a very social person, hostels are a great (and cheap) option for lodging. For the people who are more introverted, like myself, there are AirBnBs. I was surprised at the number of people I have talked to who didn’t know what AirBnB was. I would sum it up as: the closest thing you could get to a hotel privacy-wise without paying so much money. No one asked me to write this. I am simply writing this to inform people of another cheap option when traveling. I am glad I knew about it before I went abroad, because I have used it at least five times now and have had pretty good experiences.

AirBnB is a website where you input your destination, number of guests, and how long you need lodging for. You have the option to search for more specific prices, private rooms, and even entire apartments for rent. You have to make an account to be able to book a room, but it’s so easy that you can just use your Facebook account if you want to.

When browsing, you’ll see a picture of each place with a title that tries to get your attention such as “cozy flat in the center of town.” When I’m looking for an AirBnB, I do look at the picture, but I also look at reviews of the place, if they offer Internet, and if they’ll provide towels. I have always picked places with five star reviews, and those reviews turned out to be right. Although some people might have had a bad experience, I think reviews are a good indicator of if you should stay at the place or not.

As I mentioned above, some places offer Internet/wifi, towels, heating, kitchen use, TV, and other extra things. AirBnB is essential someone renting out their apartment or a room in their house to you and your friend(s), so you don’t always get these benefits. You just have to look for them. One thing I am terrible at taking into account is distance from the center of town. Twice now, I have booked AirBnBs far from the center of town, but I was fortunate with public transportation. Usually a map with their location is provided on the page with their information.

I would highly recommend this website to anyone looking to travel for cheaper. If you have the money for a hotel, great! If you like hostels, also great! I didn’t hear about this website from any of my friends or family but from people I follow on YouTube. I wanted to spread awareness and my knowledge of this website so other people can know about it too! Not everyone has great experiences but so far mine have been good and I think this is a great alternative to traditional lodging options.


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