My Favorite Places to Eat in Nantes


La Piazza d’Italia

This restaurant, located in the Commerce area, has the best pizza I have had in Europe. I come from Northeast Pennsylvania, which is known for its pizza. I usually am not too picky with pizza, but during my semester in Madrid, I found it hard to find pizza that had enough sauce on it. Most pizza seemed to be lacking in sauce. Not here! This Italian restaurant also has great lasagna, which was the first meal I ordered before one of my friends recommended the pizza. The portions are pretty big for what you normally see in Europe, and what is great about this restaurant is that they let you pack your meal if you don’t finish it.


La Tour de Chine

Ironically enough, my favorite restaurant was an Asian restaurant.  As you can see from the picture, they served different types of Asian food such as Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes. My favorite meal was the riz sauté à la thaïlandaise. The first time I went to this restaurant with some friends, we saw a couple eating the Thai rice. I pointed to their meal and told the waiter, “I want what they have.” My friends and I have tried various dishes in this restaurant and never have been disappointed. The service is great. The owners are very pleasant and we got to know them well during our semester in Nantes. I highly recommend this restaurant if you like Asian cuisine.

Le Bocage on Lamoricière.

It’s funny how the restaurants I mentioned were not French cuisine but rather international food. While I did enjoy French food, I am used to eating international food back in the United States, considering “American food” can be anything. Another food place I frequented with my friends that was cheaper than the options listed here was Stratto, which I mentioned in another post. Stratto is another Italian restaurant but more on the side of fast food.  If you are looking for authentic French food, I would recommend trying Heb Ken located near St. Nicolas and Le Bocage, pictured above. Both crêperies have delicious galettes and dessert crêpes.  The truth is, Nantes has a lot of great places to eat and one semester simply is not enough time to discover them all. You will find yourself wanting to frequent the same places because the food is great!

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