Skill Silo Review: Learn Languages in the Comfort of Your Bedroom

Pressed for time? Don’t like crowds? Do you feel pressure in group learning? You’ve got the best form of learning available today at Skill Silo! One-on-one lessons with qualified, fluent speakers and teachers are available at your convenience via Skype from around the world.

How does it work?

Skill Silo has a very easy-to-navigate website that would not take anyone very long to figure out. It is very straightforward. You just choose a language from the twelve language options from the Courses section, click on the schedule lessons tab, choose a professor, and select a time from one of their available time slots, then you are ready to go!

skill silo schedule

Once you schedule a lesson, you will receive a confirmation email saying that your lesson has been scheduled. The day of your lesson, you will receive a reminder email telling you that you have a lesson, with whom you have the lesson, and at what time. Included in these emails is your instructor’s Skype username so that you will be able to contact them. When you schedule a lesson, you are asked to enter your Skype username and your phone number so that you can be contacted. Because of this, the teachers have added me on Skype quickly after booking a lesson, rather than me having to seek them out.

YOU have the say!

Skill Silo and the instructors they hire believe in learning what you want to learn. What makes them great in comparison to a classroom is that not only do you get one-on-one time with a knowledgeable person but you can learn about whatever you want. The teachers will tailor the lesson to you and your needs. If you want to focus on conversation, they will do that. If you want to focus on grammar, you will be learning language through grammar lessons. Will you be going on a trip to Costa Rica soon and need to learn airport vocabulary? You can do that! No more sitting through language classes in a school wondering why you are learning about one thing that does not pertain to your life whatsoever.

My experience

When I used Skill Silo, I took lessons in two different languages: one I already know well (French) and one that I am a complete beginner in (Japanese). Normally, lessons are an hour long but I split mine into two half-hour length lessons so that I could get to experience a lesson with more than one teacher. Every teacher is different. What one person may see as good in a teacher may be what someone else does not value. When using Skill Silo, the choice is up to you.

All of my instructors have said that they like an immersion method when it comes to language-learning. They believe that it is important to hear the language whether you are a beginner or more advanced, so that you get used to the sound of the language. They will often make sure you understand what they are saying and will not move on until you do. If you need them to speak slower, they will. Do not be alarmed: If you are starting to learn a new language that you hardly understand, they will not immerse you in it all at once. Your lesson will be taught in English but they will use a little bit of the target language.

No matter what kind of lesson you request, your teacher will get you to start speaking the language from Day 1. Some teachers will use a textbook, some will use educational websites with exercises on them, some will make their own exercises. Either way, they will get you to start reading and repeating out loud, whether you are starting from scratch or you are already conversational.

My thoughts

My experiences with Skill Silo were positive ones. All four of the teachers I learned with were very professional yet personable. They were very encouraging and not intimidating. Lessons were very helpful and fun. I like how they incorporated speaking, reading, and listening comprehension all into one lesson and used an immersion method of learning, something that high schools often fail to do. Another thing I really liked was that they tailored the lesson to whatever I wanted, therefore being able to get the most out of it that I could. It was great that they were quick in contacting me and easily accessible if I had questions after the lesson. Some of the instructors even sent me notes from the lesson afterward. Personally, this is my ideal way of learning a language and I would love to see Korean added to the course list someday.

There are many online language-learning options, but as one who has both researched and used a number of them, I can tell you this one accomplishes what they advertise. You are free to do your own research but you will not be disappointed with Skill Silo.

Skill Silo was kind enough to offer a 10% discount to you guys, the readers! Just sign up for their website and type in the code PASSION4DREAMING. Enjoy your learning adventure!


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