7 Shows for Beginner and Intermediate Learners of Spanish and French

What were some of your favorite TV shows and movies as a kid? Did you like Disney movies or were you more of a Dreamworks fan? Did you watch the original Avatar: The Last Airbender or were you more into live-action shows? One thing I remember from my childhood was watching TV while talking on the phone to my best friend for hours. While that is not exactly one of the healthiest things to do, there is something language-learners can still take away from that. One of the best things you can do when you are learning a foreign language is watch different TV shows. It does not matter if your goal is to speak the foreign language, or if you just want to be able to understand it. Either way, if you are getting the proper input, you can boost your language-learning which will boost your confidence. The key is to watch shows that interest YOU. The following list is made up of suggestions based on shows that I liked as a kid and shows that are made for language-learners:


This is not the first post I that I mentioned extr@ in. It made it into my list of top language-learning resources. I really like this show because it was created for people who are learning the language. There are four versions of this show: Spanish, French, English, and German. This show is great for beginners to lower-intermediate language-learners because the vocabulary is not too hard and the characters speak slower. I have watched it in both Spanish and French. It can be a little bit cheesy at times but it really does help.


This show is perfect for beginners of many different languages! It originally comes from Spain, so there is a Spanish version. I have used it for practicing Portuguese and Korean and I love it! Not only is it a cute show but it is made for younger kids, so there is not an overwhelming amount of dialogue, nor is the dialogue too advanced.


Another cute show for younger kids. Even if you find that you cannot enjoy this show or Pocoyo because you feel too old for it, I would still recommend watching anyway. Beginning language-learners of any language should start small, and this is as small as you can get. Here is a list of every language Peppa Pig is offered in!


Winx Club originally comes from Italy, so Italian learners are sure to find episodes online. As of right now, there are seven seasons, dubbed into multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French. As a kid, I really enjoyed watching this show in English. Now, I get to relive my childhood through watching this series in both Spanish and French.


As a kid, I did not know this, but this show comes from France. This is a good show for French language learners at an intermediate level. I would recommend watching the cartoon version and not the newer live-action version.


Another show from my childhood that I later found out originated in France! Like Code Lyoko, it is great for intermediate language learners. Beginners might find that the speech is too fast at first. Follow the adventures of what seem like three high school girls but who are actually spies!


Are you an intermediate to upper intermediate Spanish learner who is looking to learn idioms? Learn new phrases such as de tal palo tal astilla and el que la hace la paga to sound more like a native Spanish speaker! What is interesting about this show is that every episode has a story based around a specific phrase or idiom. It is like a telenovela that only lasts for one episode! My dad and I stumbled upon this show by accident and we love it!

Watching even one episode of your favorite show, whether dubbed in your target language or in its original language, can help you understand more of your target language little by little. Why watch TV shows and movies when you could actively be studying? Though only watching TV will not make you fluent, you will be able to hear the language being spoken at its natural pace or even faster, helping you get accustomed to the sound and to vocabulary you may not learn in school. Do you have any favorite shows or movies that you watch to learn languages? Share them in the comments section below so we can all learn together!


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