Using Fanfiction for Language-learning

I have always loved writing. I did some form of creative writing every day, having filled over six diaries since 3rd grade. One thing that kept me motivated when writing a story was writing about characters that already existed, whether it was my neopets or characters from a favorite cartoon of mine. Throughout late elementary school and middle school, I would write fanfictions; some I would even post online. One thing I loved as much as writing fanfictions was getting to read other authors’ works. Not only was it entertaining but it was also motivating and helped inspire even more creativity. If you are looking to better your reading language comprehension or just expand your vocabulary without too much effort, consider looking up fanfictions in your target language!

When it comes to studying a language, especially if you are making the effort to do it outside of school or on your own, you are going to want to make studying as fun as possible so that you stay motivated. You are probably going to want to save as much money as possible as well. One thing I recommend to those who are learning languages is reading books that YOU are interested in. If you are not interested in Don Quixote, then why read it? If you would get more out of reading The Hunger Games in Spanish, then do that instead. However, ordering books in other languages can get pricy. If you are looking for a free alternative, try fanfiction! There are stories written about many different shows, video games, book series, movies and more! You can also search by genre! If you are into horror stories, there are stories for that! If you prefer romance, you can find it! You can read stories that interest you and learn new words in the process! You are more likely to find stories in your target language if you are studying a widely-spoken language. They can be hit or miss but I am sure you can find something online! Why not try it out?


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