5 Foods I Missed While Being Abroad

Growing up, I was a very picky eater. My parents would literally have to sit on me to eat mashed potatoes and I still did not like them. Even with sweets I would only eat a select group of desserts. I once did a lesson for my students on “American” food with a primary focus on regional foods such as the well-known Philly cheese steak and Chicago deep dish pizza. I knew going away meant missing my friends, family, and even my school, but never did I think that I would miss certain foods from home.

Mac n’ Cheese

Such an unhealthy meal but very delicious! I am referring to macaroni and cheese from the box AND homemade. This would be a meal that would probably make Europeans cringe. As a kid, I did not really like it myself but now I love it.

Peanut Butter

There was peanut butter in Spain and France, but it was a lot harder to come by and a lot more expensive. It had a different taste to it that was more dry and less sweet, making it less appetizing. Regardless, I ate a decent amount of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to save some money. However, peanut butter/chocolate combinations were impossible for me to find.

Ice Cream

I had plenty of gelato while I was in Europe. Did I regret it? No. Was it delicious? Very. There were plenty of elaborate flavors that I knew I had to try. Even though the gelato was delicious, I missed some of the unique ice cream flavors that the United States has to offer such as Woopie Pie ice cream, chocolate peanut butter, and lemon pie ice cream. I also missed blended ice cream with chunks of candy in it such as Dairy Queen’s blizzards. Not that I was not grateful for what I was able to eat, but I did have to admit that I was looking forward to some great flavors upon coming home.

Grilled Cheese

A simple sandwich that I could not seem to find anywhere. I would eat these all the time my senior year of high school. It was one of the only things I knew how to make.

Soda Machines

I am not talking about the small soda machines that offer ten flavors. I am referring to those giant Coca-Cola machines that have all different kinds of flavored water, sodas, lemonades, and many more drink options. It was nice to be able to try new drinks once in a while even though I typically drink water.

I had the opportunity to taste many kinds of great food while I was away from Spanish food, to French food, to Italian food, and I loved them all. I even gained weight from all that I ate! I know that I will miss European food just as I missed food that I normally eat at home. But unlike my list here, it will not be a surprise.


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