Why Goal Setting Is Important

School is back in session. Many of us are in school right now, from elementary school to college. There are so many different ages of students. Are you in middle school just starting to get the hang of a new building? Are you an adult looking to go back to school because you realized what you want to do? While ages of students can widely range, there is one thing we have in common that none of us can escape: homework. Homework can be very time-consuming and seem unnecessary, but I invite you to try something new: life homework aka goal-setting. Some people are known for being goal-oriented people. Others find goal-setting to lead nowhere except down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and land of wasted time. As a goal-oriented person, I find that they can really help anyone if you go about making smaller goals that eventually lead to the big ones. Why should you set goals?

You will feel like you accomplished something, even if it is something small. It can be exercising between half an hour to an hour every day for the purpose of living a healthier lifestyle. It can be listening to one podcast a day of the language you are studying. It can be setting aside a certain amount of money each month to save up for a trip. In the end, you will get something done. You won’t be where you were at before.

It will make you feel more motivated. Who doesn’t want to continue what they are doing if it’s working for them? Why stop now? If you are setting the right kind of goals which are small and realistic enough to be attainable, then you should be achieving them. Maybe your end goal is not so realistic, but it’s the small realistic ones that help you reach the monster goal, and it’s the small successes that motivate you to go even further. Look back, but only enough to see how far you’ve come. Let that progress drive you to do even more.

You will feel like you have a sense of purpose. While you should not root your sense of purpose and self-worth in your work and your achievements, goal-setting can help you get started down the path of feeling fulfilled in life. Did you realize you like writing but can never finish a story? Start off small, giving yourself deadlines for each chapter and writing a little bit each day. If this is what you love to do, you will start to get a fulfillment out of accomplishing the steps toward your goal, in this case, a novel.

You should always strive to be better than the person you are right now. We all need work. There is always something to better about ourselves whether it be trying to break your bad habit of procrastination or trying to be kinder to others. If you are an artist, you can be very good but there will always be those who are better than you. Strive to be a better artist and create even more beautiful works. This applies to anyone: athletes, musicians, scholars, makeup artists, dancers, etc.

First you need the push to go out there and do it. I made Nike’s phrase “Just do it” my motto for accomplishing my goals. Arguably, the hardest part of reaching a more long-term goal is to find that motivation, that push, to go out there and get started. Once you start somewhere, you are already on the path to victory.

Goal-setting helped me reach my dream of being bilingual and even beyond that. Check out my YouTube channel for more encouragement and content on language-learning and travel. If you find it helpful and want to know when I upload videos, make sure to subscribe and share!


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