There’s Always a Lesson to Learn

Have I exhausted all the topics of study abroad? You may think so. To an extent I covered many. However, there is always a lesson to be learned. Sometimes you may not realize the lesson immediately but it comes at a later point in time. Have you ever bought a CD and years later discovered there was a song you really liked but you didn’t realize was on there when you bought it? This has happened to my parents. You have your lessons from the immediate study abroad experience but as time goes on you’ll realize there’s even more to be gained. Years later you discover, “Wow, how did I not see that back then?” It wasn’t needed then. Study abroad will continue to pay great dividends long after the experience is over. 

Have you ever watched a movie twice, three times, or even four and noticed something new each time that you did not realize before? It could be a tiny detail that makes the overall arching theme more clear. When you take a stroll down memory lane to your time abroad, you never know what details will become clearer. You never know if you will have a revelation that you can turn into a great blog post that can help others when they are going to travel.

You have a whole lifetime to live and learn. You can learn from your current mistakes, others’ mistakes, and even your past mistakes. When reading a book, many people can interpret the same story in different ways. Maybe one specific part stuck out to you as a lesson to learn while a different part stuck out more to someone else. As you grow and change and look back on your memories, your brain is viewing the same memory but in a different way than the last time you looked back on that memory. You never know what you are going to learn but one thing is for sure: you will never stop learning because there is always a lesson to learn.


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